Director [Education Dept.]

About Director


Prof. I.R.S. Sindhu passes his degree of M.Sc. (Physics), M.Ed. from Meerut College Meerut-The degree of Ph.D. in Education was awarded to him under the scheme of F.I.P. of U.G.C. He served for 39 years as Lecturer, Reader and Professor, in the Department of Education N.R.E.C. College Khurja, J.V. College Saharanpur and Meerut University respectively. He served as Dean & Head of Education and coordinator of counseling till his retirement from C.C.S. University Meerut.

During his service period of University, he worked as Coordinator of counseling B.M. & M.Ed. Member of Executive Council, Academic Council, Board of Study, Examination committee, Research Degree committee, University Expert for the appointment of Education faculty. Subject expert in selection committee of U.P. Higher Education Commission.

He is specialized in measurement & Evaluation, Research & Statistics. Approximately 50 (fifty) Ph.D. degree are awarded to research scholars under his supervision and more than 150 dissertations & M.Phil project are guided by him at a Post Graduate level till now. He is author of books on Educational Philosophy, Education Psychology, Sociology of Education, Administration & Management in Education and U.G.C. (NET) competition etc.

He is an active member on panel list in NCTE & NAAC and now-a-days sewing as Director of Beacon Institute of Technology since 1st July 2011. Now he is focusing on selecting appropriate approach for Teachers Training at B.Ed., specialization at M.W., and Research oriented solution of problems at Ph.D. level.

He believes that this is the phase of his life wherein he is enjoying his work the most “For me, it is contribution and reward hand in hand as it is the best opportunity that I could have received to display my expertise in correlating resources for quality gain in Teachers training” He said.